Uninstall Tool 3.5.5 Build 5580 Crack + License Key 2018 Lifetime

Uninstall Tool 3.5.5 Build 5580 small, but a powerful and reliable alternative to the system utility Install and Uninstall programs. This is a safe, reliable and good way to remove unnecessary applications and increase the efficiency of your computer. Uninstall Tool has many functions: it shows hidden installed programs, sorts the list of software according to the specified filter, removes incorrectly installed and uninstalled programs, can export the list of installed programs in HTML.

Uninstall Tool 3.5.5 Build 5580 Crack is a unique and powerful uninstaller, that works with lightning speed, performs a complete removal of software and manages programs that run at system startup. Make your Computer Work Faster Now by using Uninstall Tool! It’s a fast, secure and convenient way to remove unneeded applications and system components. The great, powerful and reliable alternative to standard Windows Add/Remove program. The program has lots of features and options missing in Microsoft’s applet.

Key Features of Uninstall Tool 3.5.5 Build 5580 Crack:

  1. Completely remove any software installed! (using Uninstall Wizard technology)
  2. 3 Times Faster than Add/Remove program!
  3. 3 Applications Categories: Software, System, Hidden
  4. Remove Programs that automatically run at system startup
  5. Many ways of Sorting Applications: by Name, by Occupied Size, by Installation Date.
  6. Uninstall Programs that could not be removed by Add/Remove program.
  7. Force removal of uninstalls related entries in the registry.
  8. Highlighting of recently installed applications in the list
  9. Smart Search allows a quick finding of any application you need.
  10. Navigate to a selected program’s Registry Entry, Installation Folder, and its Web Site.
  11. View Detailed Information of a certain application installed on your computer.
  12. Easy to use and modern User Interface allows to work comfortably with Uninstall Tool.
  13. Multilingual interface!
  14. Option to replace Add/Remove program.
  15. Saving (exporting to HTML) detailed reports about currently installed applications
  16. Running “Windows Components” and “Add/Remove Programs” tools
  17. Complete compatibility with x64 Windows


• Removal Wizard: faster scanning
• Removal Wizard: definition of running processes belonging to the program being deleted; interrupting these processes on demand
• Removal Wizard: informs about files that can not be deleted, because they were busy with the system.
• Deferred deletion (after reboot) of such files
• Improved grouping of programs by categories Applications / System / Hidden. Improved the definition of program icons
• Ability to stop the forced uninstaller by default (useful for cases when it hangs, for example)
• Display of recent programs in the additional toolbar grouped by type (Applications / System / Hidden)
• Improved caching algorithm
• Improved the use of the filter to search for programs
• The list of programs with small icons looks better
• Search Google for the name of the program (Ctrl + G) or its publisher (see the ‘Action’ menu)
• The cache of programs is now stored in the file ‘CachedData.dat’. Updates to the cache are now performed simply by clicking the Refresh button (F5)
• A huge number of minor improvements and bugfixes

Changes in Uninstall Tool 3.5.5:
  1. Improved – Optimized the app size (smaller)
  2. Improved – Translations update
  3. Fixed – Drawing disabled icons on a retina-screen

Operating Systems:

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).

Uninstall Tool 3.5.5 Build 5580 Crack + License Key 2018 Lifetime

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